Our Services

Our Services

AR Elektrik has been one of the oldest and most established companies in the electrical contracting sector since 1973.



We provide comprehensive services including engineering, installation, material supply, testing, and maintenance to meet the complex electrical needs of industrial facilities. From low voltage installation projects to medium and high voltage electrical contracts, we manage all processes on a turnkey basis, including the installation of transformer substations for the entire electrical infrastructure and energy supply of a facility. With our team of expert engineers and technical staff, we offer customized solutions to ensure optimal progress at every stage of your projects. As the main distributor of leading brands, we facilitate cost-effective and high-quality material procurement to optimize your project budget.


Power Transmission Lines

  • Construction and maintenance of highquality power transmission lines work accordance with safety standards

  • Design and engineering for high technology lines

Medium & High Voltage Lines 

  • Installation and rearrangement of medium and high voltage lines

  • Projects that optimize power distribution breakdown rapid response and maintenance services


Solar Energy Systems

  • Installation and integration of Solar Panels

  • Efficiency analytics and energy storage solutions

  • Special projects for sustainable energy


Automation Systems

  • Automation and remote monitoring of energy systems

  • Data analytics and energy efficiency optimization

  • Customized solutions for automation projects


Project Planning & Engineering

  • Designing energy projects by considering customer requirements, needs, latest technologies, and standards

  • Services for energy eermissions and connection processes

  • Analysis, assessment, and reporting of energy efficiency


Material Procurement & Logistics

  • Dealerships of leading brands in the sector

  • Retail and wholesale of electrical and electronic materials

  • Industrial electrical and electronic materials consultancy services