Solar Energy Systems

Solar Energy Systems

“We are here with our turnkey services as the POWER behind your SPP investments”


AR Elektrik, with its experience and expertise in the electrical contracting sector since 1973, provides turnkey services for renewable energy investments, starting from Hydroelectric Power Plants (HPPs) to ongoing Solar Power Plants (SPPs).



Since 2019, we have offered a wide range of services for licensed or unlicensed Solar Power Plants (SSPs), including installation, maintenance, and consultancy. Our engineering solutions comprehensively meet the investment needs of our clients of all sizes. We cover all EPC processes, including Engineering, Procurement, and Construction, for the installation of Roof, Facade, Land and Agricultural Solar Power Plants (SPP).


Following installation, we provide warranty, maintenance, operation, and 24/7 remote monitoring activities to support our clients.


  • Solar Energy Consulting Services: We provide expert consulting services at every stage of your solar energy projects. We support you in issues such as project planning, financing options, site selection, licensing processes and solar energy incentives.


  • Solar Energy System Design: We design solar energy systems that are suitable for your needs and project requirements. We provide the most appropriate system design by taking into account factors such as efficiency, durability and longevity.


  • Solar Power Plant Installation: We carry out the installation of solar energy plants of different sizes, regardless of whether they are small or large. Steps such as solar panel installation, inverter installation, cable connections and system commissioning are meticulously managed by our expert teams from the beginning to the end of the project.


  • Maintenance and Repair Services: We perform regular maintenance of solar energy systems after installation and repair them when necessary. We ensure that our customers' systems operate smoothly for a long time with services such as panel cleaning, inverter control, cable connection control and system performance monitoring.


  • Monitoring and Performance Optimization: We constantly monitor and report the performance of your system. We offer you customized solutions to maximize energy production.